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Praise for Battle Notes from all over the country...

The Dutch Army Museum at Delft, Holland prepares an exhibition about the interaction between music and war, especially the Vietnam War. The exhibit on the Vietnam War deals with the pop music of combat, the music of protest and the music of patriotism. These categories are based on the most interesting study, Battle Notes-Music of the Vietnam War, written by Lee Andresen, and published in 2000. This book is a mine of useful information.
Dr. Jos W. L. Hilkhuijsen, Curator, Dutch Army Museum

"Well-researched systematic examination of U.S. pop music to come out of the Vietnam War and later. Sprightly style. Useful in class as teaching tool." Indochina Chronology, Texas Tech University Vol. XX No.1, January 2001 - April 2001.

"Whatever your memories of Vietnam, historian Lee Andresen has captured them in the music of the era in his new book."

Arizona Republic

"Battle Notes" gives a real sense of the turmoil created by the controversial war and its reflections in the popular music. Close to 200 songs are cited in chapters covering music of protest, music of patriotism, music of combat, music of the aftermath and African-American music."

Appleton Post Crescent

"Is one of the exhaustive catalogs of music of the Vietnam War"

Duluth News Tribune

"Andresen wrote of high profile songs of the era..and more. He gave equal weight to how families, friends and foes of Vietnam vets vented their feelings in a song."

Youngstown Ohio Vindicator

"It is designed to take us all back to that era, lest we forget, via music."

The Daily Telegram (Superior, Wisconsin)

"Andresen's love of his subject - and his rigourous knowledge of it comes through in every chapter. The author rejects the stylistic stuffiness that characterizes many academic studies, and instead writes lucid conversational prose, which undoubtedly replicates his classroom presentations."

Blue Dog News

As a high school American literature teacher I view Lee Andresen’s Battle Notes-Music of the Vietnam War as a welcome keystone to my curriculum. Unfotunately, it is common knowledge that even the best available secondary and post-secondary level American literature anthologies today offer few quality writings beyond first-rate Vietnam War narratives such as Tim O’Brien. At long last, those of us who teach American writing to today’s young adults now have a curriculum resource in Andresen’s Battle Notes that allows us to best teach from a literary perspective that is both deep and wide regarding the riveting writing that typified the most relevant, most thought provoking literature published during the Vietnam War era. Students who study American literature in the 21st century can now comprehensively read the writings of protest, patriotism, combat, the aftermath of Vietnam, and the works of African American era writers that many of us experienced first-hand when we marched, stumbled, and raced through our own high school and college days.

William M. Tecku,
Skyline High School English teacher/author
Mesa, Arizona

Lee Andresen
(715) 392-5340