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Battle Notes: Music of the Vietnam War-2nd edition
by Lee Andresen

Praise for Battle Notes:

"A delightful study on how to understand a war by listening to the music of the era. An original idea well executed by an expert who writes with engaging, accessible prose." Kirkus Reviews

"This is written with a most interesting and fresh approach to the period of our history, which although studied and analyzed before, has yet to find its proper depiction. Using songs of time as the vehicle, Andresen steers you through the different aspects and points of view that prevailed and so polarized our society at the time, and in a most objective way-with no agenda, and comes as close as anyone I've read to getting it right - an enlightening and fascinating trip."

Peter Antell, Daily Bread Music. New York
Antell was part of the 1960's folk scene at Electra Records as a composer and recording artist.

2nd Edition Released: June, 2003

Battle Notes is likely the only full length book devoted to the music of the Vietnam War and how effectively that the songs tell the story of that conflict.

Battle Notes provides unique insight into the music of Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, the Animals and many others and what their songs had to say about the war. In addition, the musical views of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and even Pat Boone are included. Also included is the music of Vietnam veterans like Sarge Lintecum and Tim Murphy. Over 180 songs are included in this book.

Battle Notes includes chapters on Music of Combat, Protest, Patriotism, and the Aftermath of the war.

Outstanding photos and illustrations. Interviews with Bill Belmont, road manager for Country Joe and the Fish, Mark Berger, film editor for Apocalypse Now. Vietnam Veterans and students also give their reactions to how the music tells the story of this era.

Not only does Andresen cover the big hits, he gets down and dirty with the straight scoop on some of the obsure, but meaningful tunes of the 60's and 70's.

More Praise:

"I remember only too well the emotional confrontation engendered by the Vietnam War. Has our citizenry ever been torn so asunder -- other than by our own Civil War? Some of the older Americans may wish to relive the Vietnam era, but for those that do and for those that were not here to experience that episode in our history, this book brings it back loud and clear. Student opinions, appropriately included, verify the efficacy of his technique. The music does for an understanding of the Vietnam War what our hymns do for religious understanding. Could students who didn't live during that period of our nations' history understand and truly feel the country's pain? They can now, thank you, Lee Andresen."

Dr. Bernard Hughes, Professor Emeritus. University of Wisconsin Superior. Columnist on edcuational issues for the Superior, Wisconsin, Daily Telegram.

The Author and His Approach:

Lee Andresen teaches history and political science at Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minnesota. What started as a sabbatical project, has become a passion. The book is a product of his love of music and history. He has discovered over 300 songs that were released as 45 rpm singles, that related directly or indirectly to the war.

It is one of the most comprehensive discographies of the music of the Vietnam war yet compiled. Andresen began this project through his development of a teaching technique to bring history alive for the students in a course entitled "Vietnam, America's Longest War." Even students, who were not alive during the war, responded enthusiastically in essays and classroom discussions, indicating that beyond the textbook and the lectures, the music "brought the war home to them."

The book also evolved into somewhat of an oral history by Vietnam veterans and their insights into the music of the war. How various songs reminded them of their experiences in combat situations, coming home, and what life was like for them after the war. Many of these interviews are included in the book. Andresen was honored that these brave men shared their innermost feelings about the music and the war with him. He considers the Vietnam veterans to be the real heroes of our Country.

The book is available at bookstores nationwide. Ask your bookseller for your copy. The book is also available on or can be purchased through the publisher, Savage Press of Superior, Wisconsin on
ISBN 1-886028-59-1

Lee Andresen
(715) 392-5340